The Lows of an Addiction

A piece of poetry for the Football Blog Carnival organised by David Bevan of The Seventy Two.

The brightness of the lights shines straight into the eyes,

Deafened by the shutters – clicking on, clicking off.

“The whole team wants to bounce back with a win”,

said as a droplet of sweat drips down from the brow.

“Good luck lads”, not much more can be said.

The tension is mounting – pressure on, pressure on.

With two games remaining three points must be earned,

As a bucket of sweat drips down from the brow.

An early attack, going forward looking strong.

The striker bags a stunner – pressure calms, pressure slows.

A corner on the hour, the big captain makes it two.

An explosion of joy beams out from the face.

The full-time whistle blows, league safety is assured.

But before celebrations – Power off, Power off!

No auto-save recorded, no battery power left;

As a torrent of abuse streams out at the screen.

After the brilliant works by The Seventy Two and The Two Unfortunates, this post is the third part of a blog carnival for World Poetry Day. To view poems by other bloggers, you can search on Twitter or Google Realtime for WPDfootballpoemsComing up for the rest of the day will be poetry from some great football blogs such as A United View on Football, Richard and Neil’s Football Blog, Football Fairground, Saha From the Madding Crowd, The Hand of Blog, End to End Stuff, and Northern League Day.The next poem can be found on the excellent Football Hobo at around 12pm!


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